Month: January 2018

5 Easy Marketing Strategies For Small-Budget Companies

If you are an emerging start-up, you will probably be keen on getting a strong foothold in the industry. You can take help of SEO services listed at or go through the tips listed on for a successful international expansion. These are tried and tested techniques that will help maximize your success.

You will come across several tools that promise to boost your brand. However, do remember that implementing all of them does not mean staying ahead of your competitors. Here are different ways you can do online marketing.

1. Content Rules
You have probably heard how strong content is the bread and butter of any brand. This means if you want to grab the attention of the audience, you must come up with unique and strong content. One of the methods include:
· Use a research tool like BuzzSumo to find popular content in your area of interest.
· Use this content as a reference and come up with a well-articulated content for your brand.
· Promote this content through various channels.

This will help drive traffic, improves SEO, and portrays your brand as trustworthy.

2. Pay-Per-Click Ads
Unless you know the rules of the game, PPC ads can cost you a deal of money. The idea here is to identify your target audience using tools like Google Analytics. You can find inputs on the demographics of their age, gender, and country of residence.

Startups can avail the services of advertising platforms that charge as low as a dollar to a few cents, based on the type of industry. Simply put, if you are willing to spend $5 on PPC ads, you can get anywhere between 5 and 30 clicks.

3. Email Marketing
In a recent survey, 91 percent of the audience admitted to checking their email at least daily. Email marketing is seen as one of the most effective and reliable modes of marketing.

Most of the customers will skip making a purchase on their first visit. Rather than bombarding them with calls, you can invite them to subscribe to your newsletter. Daily or weekly alerts can be sent through email, notifying them about new products or discounts offered, if any.

The biggest advantage is that your email or newsletter will not be lost in the sea of messages and they are most likely to get noticed. You can include captivating templates and automation features in them.

4. Result-oriented SEO
SEO is a costly affair and includes marketing areas like link-building, content writing, and optimization of sites. It can take several weeks or even months for the results to bear fruit. Rather than hiring an SEO agency, you can look for solutions that involve the use of result-based SEO service.

This means that the agency will not charge a penny until the results are there in front of you.

5. Visual Appeal
A picture is truly worth a thousand words. A visual image like a GIF image, charts, or infographics is appealing than a thousand-word content. It is easier for your audience to understand the information presented, and these memes or quote messages can be shared.

When you are on a budget, it does not mean that you are going to lose out on the marketing strategies. These handy tips help you achieve your goals and help you stay ahead of your competitors.